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Spinal Cord Injury Statistics

Did you know that statistics tell us that every hour of every day, another person is spinal cord injured?

According to the National SCI Statistical Center (NSCISC):

General Statistics

  • 12,500 new traumatic spinal cord injuries each year in the USA.
  • Approximately 80% occur in men, in the USA.
  • Approximately 240,000 to 337,000 people in the USA living with chronic SCI, caused by a trauma
  • Average age at the time of injury is 42 years old.

Causes of Spinal Cord Injury: The chart below illustrates the most common causes of spinal cord injuries.  Motor vehicle accidents and falls are attributed as the cause of more than 60% of all SCI’s.

Causes of SCI

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Types of SCI

Lifetime Costs

Estimated costs by age at injury

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy for post-injury by severity and age at injury

For more statistics on SCI see:

SCI Facts and Figures at a Glance from NSCISC, or contact:
The National SCI Statistical Center
1717 6th Avenue South, Room 515
Birmingham, AL 35233-7330
PHONE: 205-934-3320; TDD: 205-934-4642
FAX: 205-934-2709

(Statistics listed above are as of February, 2015)